American Vs European RouletteWhen introduced in the beginning, Roulette layout comprised of 36 pockets including 0 and 00. It has been serving as the standard format ever since it was being laid out. However, in the year 1843, the makers of the game decided to drop 00 from the layout, thus, enhancing the odds of winning. What followed subsequently was not as expected because very soon, experienced players began to demand ‘0’ Roulette wheels. However, at this point, casinos were seeking ‘00’ format that could favor casinos by providing high house edge and thus, boost their revenue. The result is what we find today- the availability of both ‘0’ and ‘00’ Roulette variants.

Anyone who has ever played the game online must have noticed the difference between the two variations, irrespective of the similarities you can draw between the two. In the following text, it has been discussed how these games differ and which one is the better variant out of these two. Read through for details…

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American vs European Roulette – Key Points of Distinction

European American
Total Wheel Pockets 37 38
Green Numbers Count 1 2
Green Numbers 0 0 and 00
House Edge 2.7% 5.26%
Additional Bet En Prison nil
Special Bet Call Bets Five Number Bets

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Difference between American and European Roulette for Canadian Players

Comparing Odds & Payout

Odds & PayoutIn European Roulette, the winning odds stand at 1 in 37. However, betting odds for American Roulette are valued at 1 in 18.

On a European wheel, the payout for registering a win is 35 to 1, which implies that you will be paid 35 plus the original amount wagered on the bet initially. The other variant, American Roulette comes with 35 to 1 as winning payout. This means payout is specifically same in both the cases. What is different is that the chances of occurrence of a win are comparatively lesser in American Roulette.

The Difference in Layout

LayoutExcept for the obvious difference of ‘0’ and ’00’, these two variants have a point of distinction when it comes to the wheel pockets. In total, there are 38 numbers in American Roulette as compared to the count of 37 on European wheel. Another difference is that there are two green numbers in American Roulette and 1 in the European variant. It is to be taken into consideration that the presence of extra green numbers is one of the ways to decrease a player’s winning odds.

House Edge Matters

House EdgeHouse edge is also a major point of difference in these two variants. It is to be taken into consideration that American Roulette has 5.26% house edge whereas European Roulette gives 2.70% benefit to the house. Basically, the former variant gives double the benefit to the house as compared to the latter one.

The En Prison Rule in European Roulette

European RouletteYou must have heard of the En Prison Rule in which the player gets to spin wheel another time to try their luck at winning, if it so happens that the player has placed even money bet, however, the result came out to be zero. This rule is exclusively applicable on the European variant as suggested by the top online casinos.

Call Bets in European Roulette

Call BetsCall bets in Roulette are termed as predetermined bets because these are the bets covering only a specific area of the wheel for wagering money online. This factor, however, does not distinguish the two bet types. Instead, it is to be noted that both American and European Roulette include the call bets as part of the layout.

The ‘five number bet’ available in European Roulette also distinguishes these two variants. Five numbers are included in this bet- 00, 0, 3, 2 and 1. Well, obviously you can’t place these bets on the European table (no ’00’).

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What Makes American Roulette so Popular?

Come to think of it practically, you may take out the 0/00 concept, and there would rarely any differences to locate. But still, the American version is popular among the masses, so what exactly adds to its popularity.

Roulette Lucky

Perhaps, it’s just lucky to play:

It is not genuine enough a reason, but players often feel that American Roulette offers comparatively better payouts and more reliable betting options.

Roulette Availability

The ease of availability:

It is more common with the common man, which is why players end up playing it more often than any other Roulette variant. So, availability can be one of the detrimental factors.

Double - zero

Double- zero concept:

If you consider the idea of double-zero (‘0’ and ‘00’) concept, even then you are likely to opt for this Roulette variant. The Americans are likely to opt for the variant concerning their inclination towards all things patriotic.

Which Online Roulette Variant is more Rewarding?

RouletteIf you are looking forward to making money online then note that European Roulette rewards more than the other variant, especially because American Roulette comes with the worse betting odds out of these two.

And, if you remember correctly, five number bet that is part of American Roulette has a house edge of 7.89%. Experts believe that this bet is better not part of European Roulette as you will end up losing and nothing else.

Roulette is a fun game to play. The results are majority of the time irrespective of the variant you opt for. Instead your winnings are determined by the strategy you adopt to play Roulette for real money. If you want to boost your bankroll then it strictly depends on your potential to pull off the best of tactics during the course of the game.

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