After the astounding success of $2,000,000 giveaway, Bet365 casino is back again with yet another ‘Spectacular” promotion. The promotion runs from 28th of April till the 29th of May and during this period you can earn tickets to the 8 prize draw which will give you a chance to win over 60,000 bonuses.

In order to opt in for the $2,000,000 Spectacular at Bet365, you need to follow the steps below:-

  • Begin your participation in the $2,000,000 Spectacular promotion by playing the qualifying slot games.
  • Wager $20 to earn one prize draw ticket. All the featured games will fetch one ticket and the double ticket games will get you 2 tickets.
  • Win a part of the 60,000 bonuses including cash bonuses up to $6000 to be won every week
  • You can play this promotion at Bet365 on your desktop, mobile and tablet device.

Draw Dates

The promotion has 8 rounds and the period of each round along with the draw date is mentioned below:-

Round 1- 28th April 2017-1st May 2017 (Draw Date-2nd May 2017)
Round 2- 2nd May 2017-5th May 2017 (Draw Date-6th May 2017)
Round 3- 6th May 2017-9th May 2017 (Draw Date -10th May 2017)
Round 4- 10th May 2017-13th May 2017 (Draw Date -14th May 2017)
Round 5- 14th May 2017-17th May 2017 (Draw Date -18th May 2017)
Round 6- 18th May 2017-21st May 2017 (Draw Date -22nd May 2017)
Round 7- 22nd May 2017-25th May 2017 (Draw Date -26th May 2017)
Round 8- 26th May 2017-29th May 2017 (Draw Date -30th May 2017)

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