Blackjack players know that employing the best strategy can assure excellent betting odds to a player. In many cases, it has been noticed that the house edge can be largely decreased while keeping the risks aside. How important is a betting system, then?

In layman terms, a betting system can loosely be defined as a technique or strategy adopted by player to enhance winnings.

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That One Myth! Betting strategy and betting system being same is a big myth! These are two sides of the coin that are counted together, but never same. Betting system, in general refers to the money wagered by players while instructing them on how bet is to be placed on every hand. The betting strategy, on the contrary, refers to how a player deals with the decisions made in different situations when playing online Blackjack.

These systems are entirely dependent on two progression systems- Negative and Positive.

Negative Progression System

The negative betting system is the one in which player keeps raising bet amount ideally after losing money in previous stake. This in turn leads player to a break- even point if player loses. Moreover, a string of losses can often result in complete washout of player’s bankroll, thus, making it riskier of the two systems.

Positive Progression System

Positive progression system refers to a theory according to which players keep raising bet amount after every win, in order to place further bets from the amount earned in previous bets. This betting system is usually recommended by the top experts as losses incurred by players are not compounded.

Other Blackjack Betting Systems

Card Counting in Blackjack

Card counting is a system meant to find out if the next hand is more likely to happen to the advantage of player. Adopting this technique is meant to allow players to place higher bets with lesser risk involved. How card counting is done? In a basic card counting system, the goal is to assign point values. Here, low cards are the ones favoring dealer and high cards are the ones favoring players. Low cards are known to increase the count by increasing percentage of high cards left in a shoe. Take for instance- the High-Low system of card counting.

Paroli System

In the Paroli Blackjack system, player increases the bet amount after win is scored. Rightly so, the bet amount is decreased after a loss is incurred. This goes on until the original bet amount is reached by player. While using this system, it is important to be assured of the maximum amount you are willing to wager. This is essential to avoid going bankrupt in the end by continuing gambling for too long.

Parlay System

This betting system is correlated to pyramid. According to it, when a win is registered by player, the value of new bet is sum total of bet plus profit scored on it. This means there is no end point until you continue playing this game. This system is counted amongst the most profitable ones but, the biggest disadvantage is that a single bet gone wrong and you lose everything down the pyramid. There is a big risk involved!

Martingale System

It is regarded as a reliable betting system. In Martingale betting system, a player is supposed to double previous bet amount on losing initial bet. If you lose another bet then you double the bet yet again. In case of win, the player is supposed to start betting again.

Labouchere System

It is often considered as a hypothetical betting system in which there is a series of steps to be applied on a sequence of numbers. These numbers are supposed to be picked up in advance by player. Once you have selected the number sequence, you will then place bet equivalent to the sum total of outermost numbers in sequence.

Irrespective of how effortlessly a betting system is used by player, you tend to lose money if the bets are not placed sensibly. Thus, it makes sense to use the right approach to play Blackjack online.

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