General conventions suggest that Roulette players can score a maximum win of 35/ 1 when a winning number is hit whereas in case of Punto Banco, you can win 8/1 on two hands ending in a tie. Above all, players have the chance of winning 3/2 for Blackjack.

As per casino rules, the lower is the payout for a specific winning combination, the better will be the winning chances of player. The odds of hitting are low; however, the offer in hand is quite lucrative. A player is eligible for claiming an even-money payout, viz, 1:1 for a winning hand in all the cases except for in the case of Blackjack, i.e. 3:2 and insurance bet at 2:1.

Top Online Blackjack Casinos in Canada

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Keeping up with its slogan Fair , Easy, Safe and Fun, Ruby Fortune casino comes with a decade of experience. Holding a very impressive record, this casino has won an award for the best new online casino in the past.

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House Edge v Payout Percentage in Online Blackjack

Blackjack Payouts

The odds are largely dependent on payouts, house edge and house hold. These payouts vary across different Blackjack variants, but in general, the game pays you 3/2 or 2/1, and 2/1 in case of insurance bets. Here, Payout Percentage is the percentage of money put on stake that will be rewarded back to player.

Whether it is in the interest of player or not, there is a common rule that a player will be assumed to be employing optimal Blackjack strategy if it indicates the overall average return for hands availed.

Blackjack House Edge

House edge is a significant parameter in online gambling. As is the case with an opponent in a game, here also, player must be familiar with the advantages given to casino over players. The house edge varies with game chosen. Take for instance, whether you opt to play with 6 or 8 decks, whether the dealer chooses to stand on 17 or opts to hit, whether a player can surrender early on in the game, etc are some of the parameters affecting house edge.

Out of all the games, it is considered that house edge in case of Atlantic City variant is by far the most favorable option as it reduces house edge.

*Note- It may be intimidating to know that risk is always involved because it is the player, who begins the games and may get bust in the very first move. If dealer also busts in that very game, even then it is the casino that will eventually end up acquiring all your stakes.

The Blackjack Odds of Busting

The only drawback is the situation of player going bust early on in the game as there is a probability of going bust if you get hand total value exceeding 21 in a specific move. There is a catch! If you are trained enough to understand your odds of busting on drawing another card then it can help you with making choice for winning more hands. Remember, these games are created by humans so there is no such thing as incapability in defying the game or dealer.

All you need to do is to understand the house edge, payouts and possible chances of going bust. Fulfill these conditions and you will be a successful player.

How to Improve Blackjack Odds

It is a slow game, but players can be assured of steady wins. The house edge is low when comparison is drawn with local casino table games but, employing a few sensible techniques only makes things more favorable. To improve the betting odds, these are the basic technicalities to be taken into consideration.

  • Learning Basic Strategy- Even if a rule is as basic as card counting, player must be well versed with the technicalities including Blackjack rules and strategies.
  • Selecting the Right Casino Game- With the advent of technology, there has been a rise in number of Blackjack variants for Canadian players. Take for instance- Blackjack Switch is an interesting game but, its payout gets reduced from 3/2 to 1/1.
  • Besides being selective about the casino game you choose to play, it is also recommended to be careful about choosing the casino giving good house edge as players have a greater advantage in such cases.
  • Maintaining Print of Cheat Sheet- Irrespective of the game you choose to play, always make it a point to print out a cheat sheet. Retaining cheat sheet gives you the advantage of optimum play for all your moves, thus skewing house edge slightly in casino’s favor.

How Players Get an Advantage in Online Blackjack?

Blackjack being a simple game, it may turn out to the players that the odds almost never favor them. However, players do have an advantage. What the powers of a player are? We will tell you.

  • Double Down Option- If a player is dealt with 11 on cards then he/ she has the advantage of placing an additional bet, called double-down. When playing for double-down, a player can hit 10 to make the total to 21 and boost winnings.
  • Splitting Pairs- If there is a combination of 8s in pairs then player can look forward to splitting this pair of 8s in two chances so as to get two winning hands.
  • Choosing When to Hit or Stand- According to rules, it is the dealer, who is forced to pick an option out of stand or hit on numbers of their choice. There is, however, no such restriction for players in this game.
  • Excellent Payout- Playing Blackjack makes player eligible for 3/2 payout. In this case, dealer only wins even- money, which refers to wager from player.

If you enjoy playing online then this game is your chance at boosting bankroll in the long run. Players can claim the best of bonus offers on this game at the trusted online casinos in Canada. The casinos listed at Online Casino Canada Reviews also offer good deals on Blackjack.

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Bonus 100% upto C$1000
Payout 96.26%
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