Luck is, of course crucial, when playing Blackjack. However, it definitely makes sense to say that a good Blackjack strategy is equally significant when it comes to making choices to boost your winnings. In the following text, we highlight various strategies, betting systems, bad strategy, etc. We will also be explaining important tips on how to beat the dealer in online Blackjack.

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Basic Strategy in Blackjack

Basic Blackjack strategy is beyond a set of rules. From fundamental gameplay to advanced gaming, it can be said that it is 99% dependent on how you make your choices on the possible card combinations. As known from the Blackjack rules stated in the other section, results are calculated based on card values. Here is a small reminder!

Aces are treated as 1, with an exception of 7, 8 and 9, (when they equal to 11). A, 5 amounts to 6, whereas A, 9 equals 20. Note that if you are talking about Points Total in this case then it is a simple mathematical calculation, irrespective of the card value. Take for instance- be it 8, 5; 6, 3, 3; or, A, 3, 9. The points total in all of these cases stands at 13.

Here is a step by step description of the basic strategy as it is commonly practiced by casino players.

If the points total stands below 11 (anywhere between 3 and 11) then you choose to hit. If this total stands in between 12 and 16, you choose to stand except for in the case of dealer value higher than 6. Opting to hit is the wisest alternative in this regard. Points’ total standing between 17 and 20 leads to stand, with the exception of dealer above 8 (here you select to hit).

For a slightly intermediate technique, Split action is being included. You choose to split if you receive pairs as card values with the exception of 4s, 5s, and 10s. If you get pairs of 4s then select Hit. In case of pair of 5s, choose to hit if dealer gets 10 or an Ace, otherwise in all the other cases, you are recommended to opt for a double down. Landing pair of 10s hints at Stand.

Players, who have mastered this game over years, understand that Blackjack becomes slightly more technical with the introduction of Double Down option. The Double Down is executed in three situations-

  • Firstly, if points total is 9 and dealer scores less than 7
  • Secondly, if dealer scores less than 10 and points total is also 10
  • Lastly, if points total is 11 even then opting for Double Down is the wisest action to boost your chances of winnings.

Blackjack is a game of numbers and luck. An interesting fact to note is that if it is played with one deck then the dealer stands on Soft 17. A player can opt for doubles only in case of first two cards and not afterwards (as it is often assumed). RTP, i.e. Average Return to a Player is 100% in case of splitting as otherwise stated in the game.

The Regular Betting Systems have been discussed in detail in another section. However, there are a few betting systems or rather strategies that can be helpful in betting wisely on your favorite game.

These systems have been discussed in brief here…

Paroli system comes first, where you are supposed to raise your bet whenever you win. On the other hand in a Parlay system, if you win then your new bet is sum total of old bet plus profit incurred on it. The Martingale system is implemented when you lose a certain bet. In this scenario, your bet amount will be doubled. In 1- 3- 2- 6 system, the bet amount in following round is decided by sequence of numbers as stated in this system. Lastly, Labouchere System states that the bet amount of player in a specific round will be sum total of two numbers on the outside in suggested sequence.

Bad Strategy in Blackjack

If you lose money at any point during the course of the game then it can be termed as bad strategy of player. According to experts, there are three bad strategies in particular that are often noticed. These include

  • Not Keeping a Check on Dealer: Decision making is an important aspect of online gambling. You are supposed to be very careful with your choice of actions during the game. However, it is very important to keep a check on the steps of dealer. This is because a good player is someone who is able to successfully gauge the game of dealer in order to determine his/ her own course of actions.
  • Going Bust: It is also very crucial to keep it straight in your head that you know where to stop, without going bust. Remember that you are playing to earn and not to lose. So, draw a line in the very beginning.
  • Not Following Regular Bonuses: Trusted casinos come up with bonus offers on a regular basis. As a responsible player, you are suggested to keep a check on the ongoing bonus offers so as to enhance your winnings.
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