Blackjack Switch is another variant of Blackjack which has rules same as that of a standard Blackjack game, but the player plays with two hands. This means that you will play two hands per game but the bet placed for both hands should be equal. Blackjack Switch offers benefits to both the player and the dealer.

Players Side up

The player gets two hands to play in the round. The second card drawn can be swapped and used for either hand. This means you can use the second card to make a Blackjack or improve both your hands by using proper switching strategy. The ability to be able to switch the cards is a great advantage to the players.

Dealer’s Upper hand

Since the players are granted the benefit of switching cards according to the hand, the dealers also have certain advantages

  • If the dealer hits 22, then that will not be considered as a bust case. The game ends in a push and the bets are returned to the players respectively. This rule applies only if the dealer hits 22 and is not applicable if player hits blackjack.
  • In case both the dealer and player hit the blackjack, then the dealer will be the winner.
  • If the dealer has 17 with an ace he will play the Soft 17 rule and draw a card
  • The regular Blackjack payoff is 3:2 but Blackjack Switch pays 1:1

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Blackjack Switch Glossary

  • Hit: Clicking on this means player will draw a card
  • Stand: This means that the player will not make a move and has decided to stay.
  • Double Down: when you are sure that you have a good hand and your chances of winning are high
  • then you can double your bet. The player can double only on the first two cards and can draw only one card after double down.

  • Split: If both the initial cards are similar then the hand is split and the player cannot re-split.
  • Switch: This feature allows you to switch or swap the second drawn card to either of the two hands. This can make both the hands better and increase the odds of winning.
  • Insurance Rule: If you do not have a good game or the dealer shows up an ace you can use the insurance bet which pays 2:1
  • Peek: If the dealer’s first card is an Ace, then he will check the other card and if he happens to hit the Blackjack, he is the winner.
  • Super Match: It is a small bet area and your starting four cards have two or more matching cards then you win super bet.

Blackjack Switch Rules

The rules are nearly the same where in order to win the player has to make a total which is greater than that of the dealer without getting busted (exceeding 21). Ace can be treated as 1 or 11 depending upon the value that suits better, J, Q, K all carry the same count value of 10 and rest of the cards possess the same value as displayed.

  • First step is to select the chip value
  • Once you click on the deal button, the dealer has one card face up and one face down whereas both your hands are face up.
  • Depending upon the cards you have you can either take a decision to Hit, Stand, Double, Split or Switch.
  • Thus you win if you hit Blackjack or attain a value greater than that of the dealer and you get busted if value exceeds 21. But if the dealer hits 22 then he does not get busted and the game results into Push 22.

Blackjack Switch Strategy

It is important to switch at the right time and a good knowledge of game can help you decide it. There is a Switch Calculator that can help you make your next move based on the cards you have. If you are holding an Ace and a number card ranging from 2 to 8 you must take a hit. Stand if your hand holds a value greater than 17. It is recommended you split if you get a pair of Aces. A Strategy Card might also be of great help to you.

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