Online BlackjackBlackjack is easy to play in virtual environment; the reason why Blackjack tables are always jam-packed. It has many variations and, is perhaps one of the easiest card games around to play. This game follows a simple thumb rule- your bank balance can not bust and you have to score higher than the dealer online. The inherent factor of house edge is always involved but, wins can be marginally enhanced in this game, another factor contributing to its immense popularity.

Before you log in to any of our recommended Canadian Blackjack casinos to enjoy the game for real money, here is a complete Blackjack guide for all the related information.

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Formed in 2000, All Slots Casino is a part of the Jackpot Factory Group. Ecogra certified, this casino is popular for its gaming variety and promotions.

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Launched in 1998, Jackpot City is an extremely experienced Online Casino. Offering 450+ games, this casino has a player base of over 4 million.

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  • Some games are powered by Microgaming

Rules to Play Blackjack Online

BlackjackIt is an easy game but, there is a set of Blackjack rules to be obeyed. The following text describes how a game proceeds in general.

A player is given two cards face-up and same goes for all the players. Dealer then assigns two cards to himself; one of them face-up and the other one facing down. Once you have both the cards displayed, it is for you to choose out of various options- double down, hit, split and stand.

In the situation of hit, you are asking dealer to provide you with another card. A stand is when you are refraining the dealer from giving you any further cards and directly move on to the next player. Split means that you are having two original cards of same denomination. In case of Split, you can split the cards into two hands. As per the rule of the game, each of the hands will be dealt a second card. The game will continue until you keep playing two hands against dealer. It is in the player’s hand to decide on which hand to choose to play, as to if you want to place another bet that is equivalent to the money betted upon initially.

Double down is very much similar to hit, with the only difference that you will be receiving only one card. There are a few conditions attached- first of all you can be part of them only until hand is valued 21 or below. Once the player has decided on whether to hit or split; dealer will then opt for facedown card. The only other possibility is when dealer is at 17 and chooses to hit on no other option.

Quick Blackjack Tips Section

  • It is important to split Eights and Aces
  • After a good run of winning hands, it is time to opt out. Just have fun!
  • Check into the bonus rules of casino you are playing at. House edge is an important factor

Different Variants of Online Blackjack

Ever since the game came into play, several variations were picked up along the way, to enhance gambling experience of casino players. While sometimes you can play the game using single deck, at other instants you can look forward to using multiple decks. In some games, dealers follow different rules, while some times payouts differ. The different variants of online Blackjack have been discussed in the following text in detail. These include

Variants of Online Blackjack

Winning at Blackjack- Different Ways to Win!

When playing against the dealer, you can register big wins. But, it solely depends on how well you play or rather, how well you understand the game. Below listed are the different scenarios in which a player can register win.

  • If it so happens that the dealer gets a hand valued anywhere from 17 to 21 then in such a case you are still higher placed and it’s a win.
  • If a dealer gets hand value above 21 then it means that he considers you are still in hand. Whereas, on the other hand, he gets busted. You are a winner!
  • If there is a situation of tie, but you are still in the game then it is generally referred to as push. If the hand value of dealer is higher than yours, you are set to lose game. And, the MONEY!
  • Cards dealt to player are system generated. However, if you are dealt any of the J, Q, K or 10 cards then it is called hitting. It is again a win- win situation for player.

Additional Blackjack Rules to Know on the Go!

  • It is mandatory for a dealer to hit on any hand valued 16 or lesser
  • Regular wins in the game pay 1:1
  • Blackjack Wins in the game pay 3:2
  • Prefer to take home even money, rather than losing out on all of it in case you hit and dealer on the other hand shows an Ace.


Glossary of Terms Frequently Used

Burn Card – The very first card when drawn from the top of the deck disrupts sequence of cards, and is thus, termed as Burn Card.

Bust – The player is said to be in a situation of bust, if he lands a hand valued above 21, and eventually loses the bet. It is always the situation of fault on the end of player.

Flat Betting – When a player places same bets for each hand then it is called flat betting. In this situation, there is no alteration in size of bet. A player is always suggested to avoid it, as it is a bad betting strategy.

Heads Up – A single player on the table is referred to as Heads Up.

Hard Hand – Hard Hand is the scenario of a card having only one value.

Paint – It is not a typical term. Rather it is used by players as a slang term to refer to face cards.

Soft Hand – To avoid the situation of bust after a hit, Soft Hand offers the desired flexibility to this rule. It refers to the Hand that includes one or more Aces, which cannot value other than 1 and 11.

Up Card – When a dealer’s card faces upwards then it is called as Up Card. An Up Card gives the desired information on how to count cards.

Natural – If a player lands this hand then he cannot lose bet. A Natural hand does not require an action to be worth 21.

Hole Card – It is the dealer card that is kept face- down during course of the game until player selects to resolve a hand.

Stiff – The situation of Stiff arises when a player selects a hand valuing anywhere between 12 and 16.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is insurance?

Insurance is a side bet that is usually half of the original bet. It is placed when the Up- Card of dealer is an Ace. For instance- if dealer gets natural 21, then insurance bet gives an outcome at 2:1.

What does the term 'Surrender' refer to in game?

In technical terms, 'Surrender' refers to when player opts to 'fold'. But, do check in prior because there are some tables which do not permit Surrender. At these places, player has the flexibility of surrendering a hand if Blackjack is received on the first deal. In this case, you will not lose the whole amount, but only half of it.

Does a player have the flexibility of counting cards?

Yes, you can count cards when playing online but, it is a tedious job and time consuming.

Is Blackjack a game of luck? Or, is there any strategy to improve winning odds when playing online?

Majority of the expert reviews refer to it as a game of luck. But honestly, this game from software provider Microgaming does depend on a specific strategy. Some of the commonly practiced strategies to excel this game have been discussed in detail in the text.

Is playing online Blackjack fair? How can I win without going bankrupt?

Random number generation technique is used to ensure that the game is fair. Therefore, players can be assured that it is fair and unbiased. However, it cannot be denied that there are unfair casinos deploying fake strategies. Thus, it is suggested that you opt for the top online casinos as recommended by Online Casino Canada Reviews.

What is the condition of 'push'?

If bet placed by a player originally is being returned back due to a tied hand then it is called 'push'.

What is the most commonly played Blackjack variation?

Instead of concentrating on which variant to play for, players should rather focus on mastering the game on the whole. It is far more important to opt for the correct strategy to play online for real money.

At times it is said that Blackjack games are rigged, is it true?

There are instances when online casinos are found to have rigged their gaming interfaces. However, the top online casinos in Canada listed on our website are among the most trusted brands. These are licensed and certified so players can look forward to enjoying games of their choice.

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