Card counting is often considered as a potential technique of determining when a dealer will be busted thus, making it not so likeable among casinos. This is the reason why Blackjack card counting is against the law, if not done manually. For the uninitiated, card counting is all about stacking betting odds in your favor.

According to Edward Thorp, who is looked up to as the Godfather of card counting, online Blackjack can easily be beaten by utilizing the card counting technique. However, there are a few parameters that are mandatory for a player to understand so as to benefit from this betting technique.

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How to Count Cards in Blackjack?

Card counting is all about the fast math, figuring out betting strategies and accordingly chalking out a plan for how the counting is to proceed. Here is the right approach of counting cards.

  • Step 1- Besides the face value, cards in Blackjack are numbered as- -1, 0, +1. -1 is assigned to 10, J, Q, K and A; 0 is assigned to numbers 7, 8 and 9 and lastly the cards 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are mentioned +1.
  • Step 2- When the game begins with a brand new deck, card count is set at 0. The count is changed when progressing in game depending upon the card value received. For instance- if 5 is hit, you will be adding 1. Likewise, if A is received then you will be subtracting 1.
  • Step 3- At the time of card counting, it is always helpful for player if number of cards hitting the table is monitored regularly. This technique is extremely beneficial if playing with a multi- deck shoe. As and when the first deck of 52 cards is hit, you will have to reset the count. To do this successfully, it is suggested to keep track of current count and then divide it by number of decks left in the shoe. This step is to be repeated after hitting every set of 52 cards.

Blackjack is simple, but scoring a win can be tough many a times. As for card counting, this is how a basic strategy can be defined. As per rules, higher is the card value received by player, the better will be chances for a player receiving face card. As for a lower card count, it means that the cards you receive on your next move may not be so favorable.

A Word of Caution- Know the strategy, but do use your brain. And, do not get caught ever!

Card Counting Techniques

The advent of technology has paved way for diverse card counting techniques. Experts believe that the lesser the time spent by player in counting cards, better guarded will be his gameplay (in terms of keeping away from the security radar of casinos for using card counting technique).

High-Lo Card Counting System

This is the simplest of all card counting systems. It is primarily a running count technique in which every card is assigned a specific value. As per this counting system, it is meant to distinguish in situations when ratio of high value and low value cards is unbalanced.

The high value cards increase hands totaling to 20 besides also upping the chances of a win being registered. As for the low value cards, dealer has an upper hand over player. According to this system, it is inferred that the chances of dealer going bust are highly increased with an increase in number of high- value cards.

The True Count

As a player, it is important to understand the balance of deck of cards dealt to you, which is often gauged from the number of cards remaining in deck. To get the most accurate count, you have to dig in as closer to the bottom of deck as possible. To calculate ‘true count’, you have to divide the running count by the number of decks left approximately. Adopting this technique makes the total count more accurate.

How do you know if you are winning? If the result received after calculation is positive then it implies that you are likely to make a profit by increasing size of bet to be placed.

Wonging (or Back-counting)

Wonging or back-counting as it is popularly addressed is another famous card counting technique. This strategy is meant to reduce operating cost of player. Here, you are not supposed to pay anything until you actually sit down on the table and place a bet. Its main advantage is that the player need not play every hand he/ she has counted. In the long run, this technique is beneficial in minimizing fluctuations in bankroll, thus incrementing player’s edge over dealer.

What makes card counting a winning strategy amongst players is the advantage players get over casino. However, quite frequently, the question raised by players is whether card counting is a legal strategy or not.

An Advice for Players!

When it comes to live Blackjack, benefiting from the card counting technique is as important as not getting caught by the system. However, in case of online Blackjack card counting, it may or may not hold true as random number generators are employed by casinos to make sure that there is no fooling around the systems. Random results are being received by players from time to time, thus making number and sequence of cards unclear.

The growing uncertainty over usage of card counting system has raised questions over its reliability. In the following text, we have answered some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) on card counting. Read through the text for details…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is card counting legal in Canada?

Card counting is not a manipulation of system but, employment of a smart technique. Across the globe, several casino players are learnt to have benefited from this approach. It is meaningful, if used wisely. It must not in any way defy the system, but you can obviously look forward to it as a mind game to boost your chances of winning.

Which is the best system for card counting?

There is no such thing as good or bad system in card counting. It entirely depends upon a player's ability to adopt a specific approach and get the calculations done on a fast pace, but accurateness is vital to benefit from this smart strategy.

Does card counting apply in case of multi- deck play?

Card counting is very much applicable in case of multi- deck play as discussed above (How to count cards). It may be slightly tricky for the novice but, there is no harm in trying your hand.

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