“The probability of cheating on a Roulette table online are greatly diminished, irrespective of whether or not you continue playing on the same machine”

How do you perceive a Roulette cheating habit? If you thought, it was all about winning against all odds then you are probably wrong. Why? Well, the think tanks designing a online Roulette wheel would have never made the layout such that the players had a room for manipulating the game in their favor. Instead, these ‘cheats and tricks’ can be referred to as the tools to play a smart game by following an ethical procedure.

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The following text elaborates how can you cheat on Roulette table when playing online. Read through the space below…


Avoiding American Roulette is a good approach:

Avoiding American RouletteWhenever playing Roulette online, if you have the option to choose between either of European or American Roulette then it is suggested to avoid the latter one seriously. Despite the fact that European Roulette has a lesser pocket count due to the absence of ’00’, both these variants come with same betting odds. This is one of the prime reasons why European Roulette promises comparatively better winning odds.

Relying on a betting system, be careful with your choices:

Relying on a betting systemOnline gamblers are usually habitual of adopting a betting system that will improve their winning chances when playing Roulette online. However, the matter of the fact is that these players are not aware of the fact there is no specific betting system that can guarantee consistent wins, irrespective of the choices you make.

Thus, instead of relying on a particular betting system, one must rather focus on imbibing a good betting strategy.

Sizing the bets appropriately is helpful:

Sizing the betsIt is the strategy of a good casino player if you keep a check on the size of bet as it only goes on to establish your authenticity as an experienced player. Set the bet limit in a way such that the money spent is in proportion to the expected profit you can earn on the amount of money wagered. Basically, the risk taken should be worth it.

Remember, everyone is here to make money, so you cannot always win:

RouletteAs a casino player, trusting your gambling skills is good but, it never implies that you will go out of way when placing bets. Careless betting can majority of the times spoil your chances of winning. Therefore, it is suggested that you know actually how much money is to be invested, when and where.

It helps if you know your game plan before starting with online gambling.

Royal Vegas Casino

Gambling Laws and Jurisdiction- Know What the Rulebook Says!

Online gamblers are expected to be familiar with Kahnawake Gaming Commission that operates in Canada. It is a governing body for monitoring the performance of online casinos on a large scale. There are other platforms like Malta, Gibraltar, etc, which are counted amongst the most reputed entities authenticating online casinos around the World.

Cheating Tricks to Avoid

  • Adopting Random Tricks
  • Playing Till You Win
  • Gambling at Just Any Casino Online
  • Opting for Wheel Influence to Cheat
  • Considering Every Roulette Variant is Same
Cannot Do That

Important Tips to Win Roulette Online

Roulette is simple, yet easy and interesting. Playing on the tables is an extremely interesting alternative for players, who want to score big wins. However, it is important to note that a win can never be assured by these petite tricks. It’s all about a player’s winning ways.

Quick Tips to Win Roulette Online

  • Stay focused about your approach towards the game
  • Cheat carefully to avoid any legal complications
  • Trust your game plan & do not think too much into wheel rigging at Roulette
  • Digital cheating works well for smart players
  • Place bets carefully & enjoy your game

Is it worth a player’s effort to cheat on online Roulette?

Play for fun, with utmost sincerity, and the next thing you will observe is that you are up, gaming and eventually winning the game. Yes, it is worthwhile a player’s effort to try a valuable trick here and there to boost chances of registering a good win.

Cheats and Tricks

Roulette Table

Know the Game Well

It is important that you know all the rules of the games prior to playing. Brace your gaming skills before wagering money. Knowing the game well will help you boost your winning chances. You can also play demo or practice games before the real game.


Remain Unbiased

The last spin has no relation with the next one, thus the ball’s probability of landing on any number is the same; the decision you take should be irrespective of the previous spins.


Wager Thoughtfully

It is better to wager if you have realized that your chances of registering a win are significant. You can place your bet on red/black, dozens, low/high bet or odd/even where your chances of winning are good enough.

European Roulette

Prefer European Roulette

European Roulette has better odds of winning as the extra 00 in American roulette boosts house edge.

Winning does not come easy but, it always makes sense to play like a smart online gambler. Trust your strategy; know the game inside-out and winning is not too far.

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