Online slot games include various types out of which video slots, reel slots and progressive slots are the most prominent ones. They are the simplest of casino games available where the basic objective is to get a winning combination of symbols on the reel, though all that a player has to do is bet a coin of his/her choice and spin the reels.

An online slot consists of virtual reels which has symbols or images which change places randomly and land on the reels as per the generation of random number generator software.

A beginner should know that though the general basics, rules, objective and terminology of the online slots remain the same, many things like appearance of symbols, numbers of paylines and reels vary from slot to slot.

Every online slot game comes with their own symbols as per the theme of the game and since the paylines also vary with the slots, the winning combinations also change. Same can be said for the wild and scatter symbols’ appearance though their basic functions remain the same.

Top Online Slots Machines Casinos in Canada

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Bonus: 100% upto C$1200

Payout: 95.68%

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Keeping up with its slogan Fair , Easy, Safe and Fun, Ruby Fortune casino comes with a decade of experience. Holding a very impressive record, this casino has won an award for the best new online casino in the past.

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Basics Rules & Information on Online Slot

  • In case of reel slots, usually three reels (though they can go up to seven reels) are at play and five or less paylines and (by rule) wins occur when the symbols fall in their right spots on the reel.
  • It is a general rule that the winnings are only paid out for combinations where the symbols appear adjacent on all or selected paylines in left to right order.
  • Video slots have five or multiple reels and up to forty paylines. This gaming type offers bonuses and features which are more when compared to reel slots.
  • Video slots and progressive slots come with features like scatter symbols, wild symbols, free spins and multipliers which add to the winning amount.
  • Paylines are horizontal lines where the symbols form combinations on the reel, though nowadays vertical, zigzag and diagonal, or a combination of all these paylines is also observed. A slot can have single payline or as big as hundred paylines and it directly depend on the number of coins a casino accepts.
  • When Scatter symbols appear on the reel they bring rewards and hence appearance of more scatter-symbols on the reel means more rewards. Some scatter symbols also work as multipliers and most of these are known to trigger a bonus game or a free spin round while playing a slot.
  • Multipliers featured in slot games (by general rules) multiply a player’s rewards on a specific spin with a number. They range from 2X multiplier to maximum 25X multiplier and since they increase the player’s winning amount, they can be really rewarding as they can easily increase a small winning into a handsome winning amount.
  • Wild symbols (by general rule) replace other symbols on the reel but they can’t replace a scatter symbol. They are found in both reel and video slots and their presence also rewards the player in multiple ways.They also sometime take the role of multipliers, and wild multipliers usually double, triple or quadruple the original rewards a player was bound to get on a single spin. Sometimes like scatter symbols they also trigger bonus game features.
  • Coin size is the amount a player is betting in coins, which also act as the point of reference for the players in deciding the cost of betting at various slot games.
  • When beginning with a slot game, a player decides upon the value of coin he/she is going to bet and in some cases one can also increase or decrease the paylines before pressing the spin button. There will be many other buttons available which are usually self explanatory.
  • Maxbet is a sort of acronym for maximum bet and most of the slots offer casino bets with maximum bet size of 5 denomination. It is an important feature in slot games that feature jackpots which you can’t pin for unless you haven’t placed a maximum bet.
    Most of the casino slots provide a Maxbet button through which you can directly place the maximum available bet before making the spin. Maximum bet is usually essential in case of progressive slots.
  • One should also know that for every bet, the casino keeps a portion of the coins wagered that may range from 3% to 15%. This is also termed as ‘hold’.

Slot Tips for Beginners

Online slots which have been manufactured by good casino software use random number generator softwares that make sure that the slot is fair and is not giving any biased edge to the online casino. Hence one should keep these tip that a beginner should keep in mind before entering the world of online slots:

  • Choose Casino with care: Research the casino, check its authenticity, fairness and the provision of customer support.(a) Visit the online casino site, read and check whether the gaming software provider is authentic or not. Similarly check for the licensing authority and eCogra certification etc, if all these things are satisfactory, you can proceed with the casino. Our listed online casino sites have been checked against all these and have been found fair and safe with a gaming collection that is comprehensive.(b) Out of these casinos choose the one which provides the maximum welcome bonus and if it is a full 100% match then it is a very good option. On claiming this bonus, the amount you will deposit will be matched by the casino, which means you will have a good amount to have a good start with your favorite slot. If any of the listed casinos is offering a no deposit bonus, that is also a good offer, one can afford to create an account with that casino.

    (c) Read the terms and conditions properly and go through the playthrough conditions that you will have to satisfy before seeking withdrawals.

    (d) All our listed online casinos provide multilingual websites plus around the clock customer support which means that you can seek their assistance any time. One can seek any information about the casino through them whether it is regarding terms and conditions or about the withdrawal policy.

    (e) If the casino is known for overall big payout, one can also check the individual calculation of payout for slot games which are also included in the eCogra report. Opt for a casino that provides a big payout for slots and make sure that it is also higher than 95%.

    (f) Hence, choosing the slot wisely is as important as choosing the right online casino. Moreover one should keep an eye on the odds against the cost of play. Since it is difficult to check the odds in online slots, just remember that the slot providing higher payout is actually offering higher odds.

    (g) Also make sure you are clear with the slot basics before starting gambling on the chosen slot. Since the rules of an online slot vary with the casino and the software provider, one should first check the slot rules before proceeding with the real money gambling.

  • Know the Game & Practice:(a) The best way to familiarize oneself with the slot game is by registering with a non-real money account with the casino of your choice. It is the most reliable way to know more about the slot, its winning combinations which are made available at payout table, symbols and features. It also helps in confirming whether the online slot game actually gives the payouts it boasts or not.(b) Though the aim of almost all slots is to secure three or more symbols in a row for a win, but practical observation and knowledge of how the symbols like wild symbols work, makes one feel at home with the game which keeps the person calm. Moreover, you can learn more about the slot by using the help option available with the casino.

    (c) Keep on testing new and new slot games till you find the one that you are most comfortable with.

  • Betting and Budgeting:(a) The rule doesn’t say whether you should choose a coin that has lowest or highest denomination and it solely depends upon the player’s choice. However, one should know that even betting a small denomination coin like C$0.5 in a five reel slot means that you have bet C$2.5. Since it may lead to heavy betting amounts with a higher coin, it is advised not to bet big coins on multi-payline slots.(b) It is advised that one should keep a limit on his/her betting amount. The best thing is to bring in a pre-decided affordable amount for gambling and the player should exit the game when the amount is lost. If one wins, leave the game with the winning amount and if you still have the playthrough conditions try to bet the minimum possible amount on bet. Still more important is that if one ends losing all money, one should exit the casino account, and don’t play more for the time being.

    (c) If one is losing, one should bet lower amounts, whereas if winning one should bet higher amounts. The key to success lies in consistent play and knowing when to limit and stop the gamble before it goes wild.

  • Limit Your Play Time too: While deciding ones budget for gambling, one shall also put limit on one’s play time. It is observed that playing for a longer period of time leads to frustration, especially if one is losing and other factors which result in wrong decisions. Therefore one should play only for a specific period of time when his/her mind remains alert and calm.
  • One should always choose a slot that offers multiple paylines while playing. If one bets more the chances of losing the amount are higher for it is a game of chance but its opposite scenario is also true i.e. if with luck one wins it will earn the player a handsome amount. Hence, at least make sure you are utilizing all the casino paylines, even when you are betting smaller amounts.
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Bonus 100% upto C$1200
Payout 95.68%
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