Online slot games are purely based on luck therefore it is impossible to gauge the result of your spin. If you have ever wondered how the outcome of a spin is different each time, the answer to your question is Random Number Generators. A modern online slot machine comprises of a RNG in the form of a microchip which creates different combinations on the reels thereby deciding the outcome of a spin.

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  • Fairness of games using RNG
  • Audited by well known authorities to ensure that no Slot Machine is rigged
  • Proper use of algorithms

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How Do Random Number Generators Work

As mentioned earlier, Random Number Generators are microchips produce combinations. This is done by producing numbers which is done by producing up to several billion numbers every second. These numbers decide the position of the reels. Whenever a player presses the spin button of an online slot, these numbers are recorded and the reels stop on these particular numbers. This system is totally random and there is nothing a casino can do.

What is the Frequency of Hits with RNGs?

A “Hit Frequency” can be defined as the number of times a winning combination comes up on the reels. This factor mainly depends on the RNG of the game, that is if the RNG of a game is big, then the Hit Frequency of the game will be automatically higher. However, when it comes to hitting a jackpot, hit frequency has no role to play since the ratio of striking a jackpot is 27000 to 1. Therefore, choosing games based on their hit frequencies are advisable if you wish to win regular amounts but not when you wish to hit jackpots.

Play a Fair Game with Random Number Generators

Random Number Generators ensure that your gameplay is fair as they spin in numbers randomly. This technology also ensures that your chance of winning or losing a game is completely fair. Number combinations generated by an RNG usually decide whether your next spin will end in a win or loss thereby giving you a fair shot that you can experience at a land based casino.

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Royal Vegas Casino

Bonus 100% upto C$1200
Payout 95.68%

Frequently Asked Questions

What are RNGs?

An RNG in simple terms is a software that runs in sync with an online casino. This technology makes sure that the reels spun will only stop at a particular reel randomly. Most importantly, RNGs are responsible for making your online gameplay fair.

How Does a RNG Function?

Random Number Generators begin with a seed number and based on that number they use a algorithm to calculate a new number. This process is repeated several times and a new number is generated based on the previous number. These numbers decide the position of the reels and it is difficult to know what the next number will be unless you know the seed number. Every reel of a slot has twelve number options so that 1 out of 12 options come up in each spin.

Is an RNG Fair?

An RNG cannot be figured out unless you have the seed number. If you know the seed number then after a series of calculations, the outcomes can be predicted. This can work in the favor of an online casino if they wish to mess up with the numbers which is why looking for an audited seal is important.

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