Roulette BetsRoulette is an easy game to play online, but the betting scenario is somewhat different. In this game, players can look forward to making money by adopting the best possible tactics and betting strategies. If you are also looking forward to playing the game online then you are suggested to acquire complete knowledge of the type of bets available in online Roulette.

Playing Roulette online can turn out to be a fast-paced fun gambling experience. However, wagering on the game can make your bankroll crash if the bets are placed blindly. To register a win in the game, it is significant for players to be familiar with the different bet types. This is crucial irrespective of however big or small your stake is. In the following text, we will be explaining the list of Roulette bets, betting odds, etc in detail.

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There are primarily two types of bets- inside and outside bets.

  • Inside Roulette Bets: These are the bets placed on numbered segments in the game grid, while also including the bets placed on lines and intersections in the Roulette layout. The bets also include street bets.
  • Outside Roulette Bets: These bets are placed in the boxes lying outside of the numbered grid. These bets are inclusive of the ones placed on odd/ even and red/ black boxes.

There is every possibility that players may get confused by the vast array of bet types available in online gambling. The following table comprises of the bet types.

Fun Fact– Betting on Roulette is beyond Red and Black grids, dig deeper and you will be introduced to plethora of betting options.”

Inside Bets in Roulette

Name of Bet Bet Payout Bet Description
Basket 6/1 Bet placed on 3, 2, 1, 00, 0
Corner 8/1 Bet placed on four consecutive numbers
Double Street 5/1 Bet placed on six numbers of player’s choice
Street 11/1 Bet placed on three connected numbers in the game
Split 17/1 Bet placed on two connected numbers in the game
Straight Up 35/1 Simplest- bet placed on a single number

Outside Bets in Roulette

Name of Bet Bet Payout Bet Description
Low 18 1/1 Bet placed on numbers 1-18
High 18 1/1 Bet placed on numbers 19- 36
Even/ Odd Bet 1/1 Bets that are placed on either even or odd numbers
Black/ Red 1/1 Bet placed on the color of the pocket on Roulette table
Dozens Bet 2/1 Bet placed on 12 numbers in a specific row
Column Bet 2/1 Bet placed on 12 numbers in a specific column

Thumb Rule: For beginners, outside bets, preferably Even/ Odd, Red/ Black fit the bill in terms of payout and ease of understanding.

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Online Roulette Bet Types Explained

Different Inside Bets in Online Roulette

  • 1. Basket Bet

    Also referred to as First Five, the Basket bet involves wagering on 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. Since this bet makes use of 00 pocket in the Roulette wheel, therefore, it can only be used with the double- zero. The Basket bet is learnt to have a payout rate of 6/1. The winning percentage on the bet is 13.16%. It has a house edge of 7.89%, thus, making it perhaps the worst bet in Roulette online.

  • 2. Corner Bet

    In the corner bet, you are supposed to place bet on four numbers at a time. It has a win percentage of 10.53, while offering a payout of 8/1. The house edge is comparatively higher in American Roulette as compared to the European variant.

  • 3. Double Street

    In layman terms, the bet type implies bets placed on two streets (rows!). It is a good option to put your money at stake as the chip is placed between two numbers directly. In this bet, the player is subject to getting a payout of 5/1, with the house edge at 5.26 percent. According to experts, the bet generates wins at around 15.70 percentage of the total number of attempts.

  • 4. Street Bet

    Street bet allows players to put money on a row of three numbers. Here, player puts chips on the far line of a row. This bet follows a very simple layout as it is marked. This bet is not practiced commonly as it is known to win at maximum 7.89% of the time. The bet favors casinos more than the players as it has a house edge of 5.26% with the payout 11/1. Players can look forward to attempting this bet as a good money making medium.

  • 5. Split Bet

    Those familiar with Roulette, know the Straight bet from the word go. The split bet is also very much similar as it is defined as a double straight up bet. All you have to do is to place the chip stack in a certain way that it lies between the two numbers you have opted to bet upon. The best part is that if even one of the two numbers is hit, you are declared the winner of the specific bet.

    The payout in Split bet is half of what is being paid in straight up bet for single numbers. Split bet pays to players at a rate of 17/1. It may not be as favorable and befitting as the straight-up bet but, it does have its fair share of followers, who swear by the bet. For American Roulette, it is learnt to have a house edge of 5.26 percent.

  • 6. Straight Up

    It is the first inside bet, and perhaps one of the simplest bets in the game. Here, player predicts as to what will be the next number when the wheel is spun. It is a general practice to bet multiple straight-up bets in one go. Another commonly followed tactic is to combine straight- up bets with outside bets. In this bet, player is playing against a house edge of 5.26 percent, which is a good number o favor the casino. in a single number bet, the player is the beneficiary with the advantage of whopping payout of 35/1.

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Different Outside Bets in Online Roulette

  • 1. Low 18 Bet

    According to this bet, player wins if the number is pocketed anywhere from 1-18. Thus, the bet covers around half of the Wheel- head, with a payout of 1/1. For the basic American Roulette, the house edge is once again 5.26%. As players have the privilege of placing bets on almost of the numbers on Roulette Wheel-head, so players can expect a win around 47.37% of the time.

  • 2. High 18 Bet

    The bet type is completely opposite of the Low 18 bet in Roulette as you will be wagering on numbers ranging from 19- 36. As is the case with the other even- money bet, here also the payout rate is good at 1/1 and players stand a good chance of hitting the number in suggested bracket. It is a very good Roulette betting option for novice players.

  • 3. Even/ Odd Bet

    It is very much understandable from the name that here the player puts money on the grids designed as Black or Red in the Roulette layout. It comes with a standard house edge of 5.26%, thus turning out to be a winning situation for players. What makes the bet one of the most preferred options is that nearly half of the pockets on the grid are even and the rest odd with the exception of 0 and 00, which account for house edge. Thus, it is apparent that whatever color you may choose, you are likely to register a win almost every time in the game.

  • 4. Black/ Red Bet

    Similar to the Odd/ Even bet, Black/ Red bet involves bets on the pocket color. Again, pockets except for 0 and 00 will either lie in red grid or in black. Thus, you are sure to win most of the time in the game. The bet pays out at 1/1, with the percentage chances of winning at 47.37%. Alongside Even/ Odd bet, Black/ Red bet is also a profitable alternative for beginners, who are not very well versed with Roulette betting systems.

    Players can look forward to earning big moolah with the simplest most bets in Roulette. Register at any of the listed casinos and enjoy the games of your choice.

  • 5. Dozens Bet

    Dozens refer to 12, so the bet is played on twelve numbers in one go. However, there is slight difference. The player will no longer be placing bets on numbers in the same column. Instead, you are supposed to put your stakes on dozen numbers in a specific sequence. These dozens can range from 1- 12, 13-24, and 25- 36.

The Best Roulette Bet to Make: There are 38 numbers in total on a Roulette table, including 1 through 36, double zero and single zero. Wagering on around half of the numbers (18 out of 38) boosts your winning chances by minimizing house edge. The odds against winning stand at 1.111 to 1.”

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