Roulette EtiquettesPlaying at a casino comes with a certain sense of responsibility on the account of player. This is why, abiding by proper Roulette etiquettes is not just a formality but a manner in which you play the game. For casinos, adopting these etiquettes implies that the casino strives for uninterrupted game play, free from any manipulations and frauds. However, a top casino player once said that Roulette etiquettes are more or less for players as well. How? Well, he says that these are the basic manners which if followed smartly give players a chance to actually manipulate the casino.

But, take note here, smartly is the word. An intelligent move here and there, and you are up gaming and making moolah. It’s all about etiquettes, they say!

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How to Play Roulette – The Procedure!

How to Play Roulette Placing a bet in Roulette is all about timing. A clear understanding of the layout, and you are ready to wager money in a time span of seconds. However, when playing the game on table, you have to be very careful about the bet you make. You can place a bet until a point even after the ball has been rolled out by the croupier. However, when a point is reached where ball slows down, the player is supposed to stop placing bet when he exclaims, ‘No more bets!’. After this time, you can no more place bets and only keep your fingers crossed for the big win to happen.

Note that there is a thing called past posting during the game. It is very much illegal in absolutely every casino World over. According to it, the player can place bet even after this point of ‘No more bets!’ is reached. However, you have to keep praying that the croupier does not find you doing the manipulation or else you are heading to a big trouble. This is because the bets placed at this moment are considered to be influenced as the casino might perceive that you saw it coming and betted accordingly.


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Betting & Winning in Roulette

It may take some time before you begin to earn online Roulette. Until then, it is important to note that collecting wins in the game is not as easy as it seems to be. Right from the moment when you wager money after selecting a number to place bet, the croupier will mark the number on the Roulette wheel to zero in on your bet as decided by you. He will then begin with clearing out the losing bets and paying to the winners.

“It is a must that you keep your hands off the Roulette table. It is also essential for the player to avoid being a sneaky player as the casino might find you to be interrupting with the table for the sake of placing a past posting bet.”

Want to avoid suspicion, STAY AWAY from table!

Online Roulette Etiquettes- Things to Know!

Roulette is a highly respected game in the gambling industry. It, thus, makes sense to enjoy the game by all fair means. Whether you are a new comer or an experienced player, understanding how the game operates is important to make way for big wins.

Although there are not way too many specifications for online gamblers, but we can certainly keep a check on a few Roulette etiquettes. In the following text, we include Roulette etiquettes beneficial for online players around the World.

Roulette Table

Know the Roulette Table in Prior:

Before beginning with online gambling, it is suggested to understand at least the basics of Roulette wheel and the table such as- where to place bets.

Live Chat

Limit Live Chat:

When playing live dealer games, you have the flexibility to ask for expert help via live chat. However, you should avoid indulging in unnecessarily exaggerated conversations, while keeping the point of discussion short and simple.


Know Your Bankroll:

It is important not to exceed your investment limit when gambling online. This is because a win is not guaranteed, but spending unduly could make you bankrupt.


Follow the Instructions of Croupier:

Croupier or dealer leads the way you game, so it is suggested to follow his/ her instructions very seriously or else chances are that you will be ruled out of the game at any point for improper conduct.

Cash Chips in

Know When to Cash Chips in Roulette:

Chips used by player are valid for a specific table only. Casino chips are used by players for Roulette chips, which cannot be used for any other casino game on offer as the value of these chips is immediately nullified right after the player leaves the table. Before leaving the table, do not forget to exchange the chips for casino chips available.


You Cannot Do That!

  • Don’t Rush into Placing Bets
  • Don’t Adopt False Means
  • DO NOT Lose All Your Money
  • Tipping is Not Needed- EVER!
  • Don’t Imitate Anyone- Use Your Brain
Cannot Do That

Royal Vegas Casino

Rigging a Roulette Wheel- Does it Really Happen?

A separate section has been included on how to cheat at Roulette table. However, here we provide you with some of the basic techniques usually adopted by casinos to rig a wheel and deduce chances of a player to win. Follow the text below for a clear understanding of how it actually happens.

Ball Tripping is a commonly practiced system in online Roulette. Padding, usage of magnets on the wheel as well as on the ball, etc are some of the commonly preferred. Quite commonly, it has been noticed that associates of dealers attempt to control the Roulette wheel via remote in a way so well organized that the player does not even get to know.

So, Rigging a Roulette Wheel is Legal?

No, it is not justified at all.

The practices to rig a Roulette wheel are observed in land-based casinos most frequently. In case of online casino gambling, these acts of manipulation adopted by casinos are largely restricted as casinos abide by the strictest standards of regulatory organizations. It also means that the casino players can freely play Roulette games of their choice online, without being affected by how the stuff works or if the Roulette wheel is rigged. However, you have to be careful about your selection of an adequate Roulette game.

Point to Ponder

If honesty is the word then there is no denying that there are not many mistakes that can go wrong with Roulette etiquettes when playing online. Having said that it simultaneously goes on that there are rules to abide by if we consider live Roulette.

Going to play the game in the next attempt, you know what to do and where to head!

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