Roulette Bets & OddsCome to think of it, how do you perceive the significance of betting odds in Roulette knowing that it is one of the most iconic games around? More than anything else, house edge is one of the most significant parameters, and is kept comparatively small in the base game.

Whether playing Roulette online or the land based casinos, the gameplay decides your winning abilities. However, you must not forget that Roulette is listed amongst the most iconic games available on online casinos in Canada. Therefore, it is extremely vital for you to be aware of Roulette bets and odds for online players.

Roulette is a game of luck. Players can log in to the online casinos of their choice online to make the most of the winning opportunities.

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The Basics in Roulette

In Roulette, players wager money on the expected pocket where ball will land when the wheel is spun. Players can place bets on either of the possible outcomes. Roulette being a vast game, there is a lot of scope for different bets- including inside and outside bets. However, there are certain parameters associated with the game that affect how you wager money in the game.

House Edge in Roulette

House EdgeThe house edge (or advantage, as it is commonly referred to) is the advantage given to casino. House edge may differ from one casino to other, but there are certain differences worth noting. European Roulette has house edge of 2.70%. Thus, take for instance, if you are placing an even money be then it is being calculated as 47.3/52.7 in place of 50/50. This term may appear to make slight difference for short- term players. However, for long-term players, even a house edge of 2.70% makes a vast difference.

Likewise in the case of American Roulette, the house edge is even higher valued at 5.26% (this is primarily due to the presence of double zero pocket on American Roulette table). This is also a not-so-good feature as far as winning chances are concerned.

Basically, the lower the house edge, the more advantageous is the game to the player and better will be the winning odds.

Pockets & Numbers in Roulette

Pockets & Numbers in RouletteHow the presence of an extra pocket in American Roulette affects the game is known to players. This is why, it makes a difference to be aware of the number of pockets present in a specific game.

As for numbers in Roulette, betting on a specific number or a combination of different numbers decides the bet type and amount. In this game, different bets pay differently. For instance- if you choose to wager money on an individual number then you get a payout at 35/1. It gives you the option to split in order to place bets on two numbers placed in adjacent pockets in one go. In such a scenario, you get a pay out at 17/1. A player can also choose to place a three- number bet on adjacent numbers at 11/1 odds. The betting odds differ for different bets.

The betting odds in Roulette are affected by the numbers you select. This implies that a player has bigger and better wins in case of correct bet placement on a winning combination.

Columns & Dozens in Roulette

Columns & Dozens in RouletteAn Online Roulette wheel is divided into three columns and you have the liberty to place bets on any column of your preference. In simple terms, column bets refer to the scenario in which ball lands on any number in previously selected column of the wheel. This bets pays out at a rate of 2/1.

Another commonly practiced bet is dozens. As the name suggests, this bet is collectively placed on a selection of 12 numbers. Take for instance- if you choose to put money on the chances of a ball landing anywhere between 1-12, 13- 24 and 25-36. The result could be either of the selections. However, if the ball lands in the ‘zero’ pocket on wheel then the player is set to lose the bet.

Yet again, betting odds and payout rate in the corresponding bet make a vast difference to your winnings.

You do not win on every bet you place in Roulette.

Spin Palace Casino

Which Online Roulette Bets have the Best Odds?

Winning a bet is independent of the payout, house edge and casino rules. If you are playing to win the game then it is all about the bet type and ensuring that ball lands in the right pocket.

Roulette OddsPlaying Roulette online needs you to pick the most appropriate bets to generate desired outcomes. However, how do you gauge the best bet during the course of the game when you can spare only a few seconds to think of the next move that could either earn you big moolah or end up making you bankrupt. This is just the game play of a player that makes the actual difference in what you earn.

The game of Roulette is largely dependent on luck but, correct choices at the right time also contribute to monetizing your efforts in the right direction.

There are primarily two Roulette variants that are most commonly practiced in online casinos in Canada. As a player, you have to careful about the bet choices you make as it affects your winning.

Remember, the best Roulette bet is the one in which you the ball lands on the desired pocket, otherwise, it is all a player’s luck.

Note- Take note that payout and house edge certainly do not affect the betting odds. What makes the actual difference is the outcome and that certainly is not pre-determined. As an online gambler, you have to decide on

Common Misconceptions to Avoid in Online Roulette

  • Playing for too long ensures a victory may not work wonders
  • Whichever number you may choose, it’s one and the same thing
  • Increasing bet size will earn you back your losses
  • House edge doe not matter for high rollers
  • Thinking casino is unaware of illusion of continuous occurrence of an event
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