Roulette is a simple chance game where just like other casino games, players have been coming up with strategies to beat the wheel. These strategies aim is to decrease the house edge and the players have been using them for ages and still use them to increase their chances of earning more at Roulette.

One should mind that these strategies don’t guarantee winning in the long run which means losing is as much part of the game as is winning.

Moreover one must know when to stop and should also look for a roulette table that has a minimum starting bet and a higher maximum bet so that one gets a higher chance of winning (or winning back your lost money).

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Martingale Betting Strategy

  • It is the most common roulette betting style which is played on even money bets which hold 50% chance each for winning and losing. The bets employed here are: odd/even, black/red, high-18 or low 18 roulette bets.
  • In Martingale when a player looses a wager, he doubles his/her stake for the next wager. The doubling of stakes is done believing that the next win will fetch the previous loses and the remaining amount will be enough for the next bet. This is more accurate in theory for what happens in practice is always controlled by random occurrences that come into play by pure chance.
  • For instance, if smallest allowed bet is of C$5 at stake, winning fetches you C$10 which you can bank and can start again with the original small bet of amount C$5. If you lose you lose the staked amount but as per the strategy you have to double the amount of your next bet to C$10 instead of C$5. Moreover if one keeps loosing the amount will keep on doubling – $20, $40, 80, 160 and so on.
  • Hence, a problem with this betting strategy is that it is not fool proof and if it gives a chance to earn big it can also lead to heavy losses.
  • Though it is considered the riskiest of the strategies to follow still it is true that one loses because the strategy’s demanding bets either hits the table’s maximum limit or the player runs out of funds.

Reverse Martingale

  • As the name suggests it is the betting strategy that is the stark opposite of Martingale, where you double your bet in case of winning and lowers your bet in case of loosing.
  • It is based on the idea that if you go on hot streak, the earnings increase whereas limiting the bet in case of a dry patch will help limiting the loses.
  • Also take a note that each click increases the bet value, for example if a bet of C$1 is placed at ‘player’, another click on the player area will increase the bet amount to C$2.
  • Like Martingale, it is also played on even bets like even/odd, red/black and others that payout in ratio 1:1

Labouchère Betting Strategy

  • Labouchère is for those players who like negative progression systems but thinks that Martingale is very risky. It is also called the cancellation system, where the player decides before hands the number of units they have to win.
  • In this case also the even money bets are covered like red/black, odd/even and 1-18 and 19-36 bets.
  • For instance, if one decides to keep a goal of winning five units, he/she will write five 1s on a piece of paper such that on winning he/she will remove a 1 from the list. 1-1-1-1-1: This is how one can write it.
  • First bet will consist of 1s from left and right, where (1+1) will make the bet to be C$2. If you win, only 1-1-1 in the original sequence will remain but if you lose don’t cross any of the ones, just add 2 to the sequence: 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2- which means the next bet will be of C$3.

D’Alembert System

  • This betting system is also known as pyramid system where you first decide the number of units you want to play. It simply says that for every win subtract one from the number decided and for every lost bet add one.
  • For example if one loses a C$1 bet, the next bet will be of C$2.If one loses next two bets, then the following bet will be of C$4, but if the person wins this bet the next bet will be on C$3.
  • They are also played on even money bets, namely high-18 and low-18, red/black and even/odd bets. Though this can also be a risky for higher bets but it’s not as risky as Martingale.

Fibonacci Strategy

  • It is carried out on European Roulette only and it follows the Fibonacci sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8…and so on. When a person bets C$1 the first time and if he wins, the next bet will also be of C$1. If the player wins the second bet too, the next bet will be of C$2.
  • If you are using a bet higher than C$1, suppose 10 you can multiply each number occurring in Fibonacci with 10. For example Original Fibonacci: 1– 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 13 – 21 – 34 – 55 – 89 – 144 – 233 – 377 – 610………
  • If one bets C$10 initially, then the bets you make while using the Fibonacci series will be: C$10, C$10, C$20, C$30, C$50, C$130, C$210, C$340, C$550 and so on
  • Also if you don’t want to start with C$1, you can start with any number in the Fibonacci series but keep in mind that losing takes you one step ahead and winning two steps back.
  • If one loses first four bets, it means that the person has moved ahead in the Fibonacci series and has lost C$70. Hence the next bet will be on C$50 and if the person wins it will bring back the last two loses i.e. C$30 and C$20 and the next bet will start with C$10 bet again.

Wheel Bias

Wheel bias is a case in which the wheel develops a defect which hampers the path of the ball being spun as a result the ball usually comes to rest at specific places. A person who knows about wheel bias can easily record thousands of spins of roulette and can analysis them through a computing software. These bias players bet on the numbers produced by the software that are most favored by the casino. Wheel bias is the one answer to beat the house edge of the casino. Wheel bias is not possible in online roulette because of RNGs.

James Bond Strategy

  • This was provided by the author of the ‘James Bond’ series, Ian Fleming. In this strategy the player starts with a column bet and the player needs at least C$200 to use the strategy.
  • The strategy says
    • Bet C$140 on numbers 19-36.
    • Bet C$50 on six numbers 13-18, and
    • Bet the remaining cash i.e. C$10 on 0 as insurance.
  • This strategy works on chance for if you lose you lose all and if you win you will get a handsome amount.If any number in 19-36 pockets, you win C$80, where if a number in range 13-18 occurs it will win you an amount of C$100. Last but not the least, if ball stops in the 0 pocket, it will land you C$160.
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