Roulette Roulette is one of the most fun games to play for real money, and also the easiest one of the lot. This is why, online Roulette providers aren’t hard to find in Canada and the thrill that playing your favorite game online is incomparable. And the game is easy to play, right? A player begins with simply picking a number or a specific combination so as to place bets. The dealer spins the wheel. If the ball stops at the number lying within your bet range then you win. It is as easy as it sounds.

Those, who have never before played the game online, here is a quick sum up-

  • It is a fast-paced game; so you wont have to waste time playing it for long hours
  • The betting range is excellent
  • With no crowded tables, it’s easier than ever

Top Online Roulette Casinos in Canada

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William Hill is one of the most well known brands in the industry. Founded in 1934, this casino offers a vast variety of games, meaty bonuses and uses state of the art software from Playtech.

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Keeping up with its slogan Fair , Easy, Safe and Fun, Ruby Fortune casino comes with a decade of experience. Holding a very impressive record, this casino has won an award for the best new online casino in the past.

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The Basics of Online Roulette

RouletteWhen discussing online Roulette, it is significant for a player to get familiar with the key elements of the game, irrespective of whether you are playing in a land- based casino, online casino or a mobile website. These elements include- the Roulette Wheel, variations, betting systems, RNG (Random Number Generator) and gaming chips.

Here, we are providing you a platform where you can find complete information on the various aspects of online Roulette in Canada. We have listed the most trusted online casinos in Canada on our website so as to make sure that our players indulge in online gambling in the most secure Web space. Irrespective of the betting system you adopt or the Betting variant you opt to play for; this only Roulette guide comes handy with the best possible assistance.

Roulette History- Interesting Facts!!

  • It started sometime in 1796 in Paris
  • Roulette has an interesting name- The Devil’s Game
  • American Roulette or Double Zero Wheel is Popular in Canada
  • The highest bet amount till date- over one million
  • Sum of all the numbers on Roulette- 666
  • French or Classical Roulette- Roulette with one zero
Roulette History

Royal Vegas Casino

Understanding Online Roulette for Canada Players

In online Roulette, there are primarily two types of games- live dealer games and games run by RNGs (Random Number Generators). Read further, to know how the two formats differ.

  • In RNG Roulette, a computer program selects number sequences randomly. These sequences are translated by machine automatically and win/ loss is also decided by the RNGs. What makes these machines so reliable is the ease of operation. Numbers are selected in a matter of seconds. These machines are programmed to be extremely fast- paced, with absolute randomness.

    A word of caution- Do not be afraid of being cheated! As the betting odds and systems are exactly the same in RNG Roulette as well. There is no denying that the game is made far more rewarding by online casinos with the regularly offered bonuses. But, this does not give any edge to the RNG Roulette, and player must be careful that the offers received are worth the expenses or deposits incurred on wagering.

  • The Live Roulette games are slow, but far more systematic and interactive. Both these mediums are very different from each other, but the results are the same. The lure and lore of live Roulette games turns out to be an edgy experience but, online Roulette is no less entertaining.

Roulette Payouts

Roulette PayoutThe foremost reason for popularity of online Roulette in Canada is certainly the speed, but excellent payout options also captivate player attention. Wagering money on single numbers pays you 35/1 of the bet. Here, the outside bets pay you 1/1 even- money, whereas columns pay you 8/1. The Roulette payouts may also differ depending upon the Roulette variant chosen to play. Players need not worry about their money as the bets are safer enough, promising benefits in the longer run.

House Edge

True odds in the game can only be known once the players are aware of house edge. In layman terms, house edge is the percentage advantage given to house over the players for a specific bet in a game. It is already fixed, which means there is no such thing as unfair play. As per convention, a single number bet pays out 35/1 to Canadian players.

“It’s Important to Know the House Edge- European Roulette is the most rewarding in terms of house edge…”

However, in actuality, you will be getting 36/1 as single number payout in European Roulette. This difference in payout is measured in terms of house edge. House edge is a casino’s share (and, we can say, it is mandatory). However, players have the liberty to monitor house edge by taking care of a few parameters such as selecting the right casino, opting for the most beneficial bonus offers and keeping a check on the betting.

Betting Odds

Roulette OddsThe concept of online Roulette betting odds is quite simple. When playing online, there are basic two variants that are in play- European Roulette and American Roulette. The former is a classic version having numbers 0- 36 on the wheel. It has house edge of around 2.7%. In American Roulette, there is a double zero that tends to increase house edge of casino exceptionally to 5.26%.

Note- Remember that the key to winning online Roulette is largely dependent on odds for every bet placed by player.

Online Roulette Rules and Strategies

Adopting a specific strategy in a game is meant to enhance the winning chances, and this is where the players who win more than they lose stand different. There are Roulette rules and strategies that are beneficial in winning the game. It is recommended to get thorough with these tactics before sitting down to play the game online.

How to Win Online Roulette- Strategies & Systems

RouletteExperienced online players understand the significance of adopting a good Roulette strategy to enhance gameplay and boost chances of scoring a win. Although there is no specific science behind winning this super interesting game but, experts have come up with different betting systems that are formulated by combining the players’ experiences and technical guidance.

  • The Andrucci System
  • The D’Alembert System
  • The Martingale System
  • The Three-Two System

Spin Palace Casino

Play to Win Online Roulette- Quick Tips

Online Roulette may turn out to be an easy game to players but, then it is not equally easy to beat the house. Considering parameters like betting systems and betting strategies does assist in boosting your winning chances but, eventually it is the gaming style and tactics of the player, which help you to win. In the following text, we are going to discuss Roulette etiquettes and tips to win at Roulette.

  • Identifying dealer signature is the foremost strategy as the player gains an insight into dealer’s moves to plan his/ her own game plan accordingly.
  • Being familiar with every aspect of online gambling, and Roulette, in general polishes a player’s skills. Therefore, know every bit of the game before planning to play for real money.
  • Choosing the right bet type (inside or outside bets), is in the interest of players as you as it implies that you have complete knowledge of the money at stake and the winning probability.

Note- Be it any game in the business, it always makes sense for a player to manage bankroll so as to avoid going bankrupt and play safe.

Playing Roulette- Aim of the Game

“The aim of the game is to beat the house and boost your bankroll.”

The main objective of a player is to predict the position where the ball will stop on Roulette slotted wheel. When predicting the number during the course of the game, players are supposed to take a few basic parameters into consideration such as- the color segment (red or black), number (low or high), number type (odd or even), etc. In Roulette, majority of the games are combination of these Roulette bet types.

Roulette Glossary

Backtrack – Backtrack or ball-track is the area to the outside of the wheel where ball spins.

Choppy Game – It is the gaming scenario in which none of the player or dealer is able to register a win.

Cold Game – It is a game in which house is able to beat the players more often

Corner Bet – Known as Carre in French Roulette, the Corner bet requires player to put money on four bets by accordingly placing the chips on corner of the numbers adjacent to the prediction.

Crossroader – This term is not-so-common. But, it refers to player who cheats casino.

Croupier – The casino employee held responsible for operating Roulette tables is croupier.

Dozen Bet – In this bet, the player bets on one out of three consecutive dozens available on Roulette table.

En Prison – Although it is not commonly practiced, but the betting rule gives players an advantage to acquire outside bets bet after losing on a 0 or 00.

Flat Betting – In the simplest terms, it refers to the betting system in which players designate a specific amount towards every spin.

High Bet – Placing a bet that the ball will spin and hit anywhere between 19 and 36 in the following bet.

Hot Game – It is contrary to the cold game as casino player is on the winning side.

Low Bet – If the player puts money on all of the first bet numbers then it is called low bet.

Push – It is the case of a tie.

Quarter Bet – In this bet, player will place a bet that one of the four numbers on screen will be winner situation.

Short End – It refers to the side of the bet that will pay off an amount lesser than it will benefit the player.

Straight Bet – The most preferred single number bet in which house offers 35:1 payout. The house edge is very much similar to the one in standard bets.

Street bet – Here, player will bet on three numbers in one go.

Surrender – This situation is not very common in online gambling. But, it is certainly beneficial for the players. In surrender, the casinos take only half of the amount lost by player on a bet where ball hits 0 or 00.

Toke – A commonly used term for tipping

Wheel Clocking – As per wheel clocking, a player makes regular attempts to record the pattern of Roulette wheel so as to place bets accordingly. However, it is more advantageous in land-based casinos because RNGs (Random Number Generators) are employed in online casinos.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is online Roulette legal for players in Canada?

All the authorized Roulette variants are legally available to all the Canadian players. Moreover, as per regular conventions, no taxes will be levied from the winnings secured on casino gambling.

Is the game of Roulette rigged? Can you win by fair chance?

The online casinos are regularly monitored to ensure that the best of gambling standards are practiced. These casinos are independently audited by top authorities to ensure security of players' data. Therefore, there is no such possibility of the casinos being rigged. You can go through our website to get familiar with the best online casinos in Canada.

Does the game differ across different casino sites or is it same?

It is the Roulette variations that differ, but there is no change as such in the games across diverse platforms. This is because there are chances that you will come across European Roulette at one place and French Roulette at another.

What is the probability of winning Roulette? Do you really win good money when playing online?

The chances of winning an online Roulette game are very high. In fact, it is a high payout game in comparison with its contemporaries. The Roulette odds largely depend on type of bets placed by player. Weigh the positives and negatives, pick the best moves for your game and you will win the game.

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